Imbolc is Celtic for ewe milk. This year it comes as a palindrome 02,02 2020. because it is a leap year we have another synchronicity it is the 33rd day and there are 333 days left in this year. The date adds up to 8 which of course flipped on its side is the symbol for infinity.

The Goddess for this cross quarter day is Bridgit she rules of smithing poetry and the hearth. she was even made a saint by the catholic church. So revered by the celts they had no choice. Oh and a cross quarter day is a holiday that falls between the solstices and the equinoxes.

It is a celebration of the return of the light as I write this the time is 5:08 Pm and there is still light outside my window at the first of January is would already be dark here. As a celebration or light my go to these days is tea lights lots of them. Okay I only lit twelve of them. Still quite magical.

Another thing you can do is plan you garden or map out how you can permaculture your property. I am thinking more berry plants and fruit trees. Maybe set up a water wheel feature let your imagination run free I say.

However, you are celebrating this day be it Imbolc or lammas I hope it is with good friends and understanding family. That you homes ar filled i love and warmth. Bright blessings from Gandalf the Green.