Oh two twenty twenty twenty seem this could go on for an eternity.

Two two two two or four time two you have eight isn’t that great.

Eight of wands, the eternal flame. eight of disk eternal earth.

Eight of cups overwhelming emotions running deep like the ocean.

Eight of swords the eternal mind the consciousness of eternity.

Crowley saw it differently the eight of wands he named it swiftness and displayed it as bolt of electricity. For the Eight of Disks he called it prudence.

The eight of cups we are a little alkie he say indolence mine down to one word would be emotionaloverdrive, okay not a real word Crowley win this time. Just not sure about indolence the image is goblet on lily pads floating on a green swamp. Just not the image I get.

At last the eight of swords Crowley say interference the image of two rapiers crossed by six curved blades which would be tough in a battle , but then I am a lover this lifetime or a healer and I will admit a over active mind can be a hindrance to peace and serenity. Not to worry I am not coming out with my own tarot deck at least not anytime soon.