The root chakra, the color is red. The symbol is Muladhara which is a inverted triangle within a square circumscribed by a circle with four lotus petals. The sound associated with the root chakra is Uh and the c note at 256 hertz. the element is earth.

The second chakra also known as the sacral chakra. In sanskrit is called  Svadhishthana. The color is orange. The symbol is a two tangential circles within a third circle with six lotus petals. The vowel sound for this chakra is Ooo the Note is D at the frequency of 288 hertz the element is water.


The third chakra or sacral chakra is called Manipura. The symbol is an inverted triangle within a circle surround by ten lotus petals in a field of yellow. The vowel sound is Oh and the not is E at a frequency of 320 hertz. The element of Manipura is fire.


The fourth chakra or heart chakra is called Anahata. The sanskrit symbol is a star of david within a circle with twelve lotus petals in a field of green. The vowel sound is Ah , the note is F and the frequency is 341.3 hertz. The element for Anahata is air.


The fifth chakra or throat chakra called Vishuddha. The sanskrit symbol is a inverted triangle with a circle within it and one surrounding . this circle has sixteen lotus petals around it too. The color of the chakra is sky blue. The vowel sound is eye and the note is G at a frequency of 384 hertz. The element for this chaka is ether.


The Sixth or third eye chakra is called Ajna. The Sanskrit symbol for the ajina chakra is an inverted triangle within a circle with only two lotus petals in a field of indigo blue. The vowel sound aye, the note is A in the frequency of 428.7 hertz. The element for Ajna is all the elements.


The seventh or crown chakra is called Sahasrara. The sanskrit symbol is a circle surrounded by a lotus flower in a field of magenta or the color violet. The vowel sound is Eee, the note is B in the frequency of 480 hertz. The element for Sahasrara is also all the element just like the third eye or ajna chakra.


My source for this piece are A Quick guide to chakra symbols the link is: and Sound and the Chakras the link is: there is a lot more information on these pages about chakra if you are interested.