here are the show notes from my latest video:

gravity is holding me down in this energy vlog. The date adds up to 39 which is the gravity card in the elemental Oracle deck. 39 adds up to twelve too which is the hanged man, redemption through sacrifice and a change of perspective. 12 reduces further to three the Empress she who is full of grace abundance and beauty. She is the goddess the earth mother. The Schumann Resonance today site showed us that the peak power of the amplitude was 37, this is ten the wheel of fortune a roll of the dice. The Quality was at a power of 26.00 This gives us eight which is the adjustment card or justice remember judge not lest thee judged. The Frequency went from a high of 8.28 hertz to a low of 7.30 hertz for an average of 7.79 hertz which adds up to 23 or five the hierophant spiritual wisdom messenger fo the divine. The K Index was in the green today as far as we could see it ranged from two to three a relative calm day. This was the second attempt at recording and though I did not remember all that rosie the crystal skull had to say some of it did come through. She spoke of grounding being important at this time. to calm our frantic mind hug a tree or walk barefoot outside. I pulled a card for the Angel and ancestors oracle deck it wa the Air guardian asking us to shift our perspective.

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