sharing my show notes from most recent video: lightbody Energy vlog is based on the card of the day from the AA metatron`s Self Mastery Oracle deck. It is the Chakra lightbody card calling us to shine our light.The Schumann Resonance Today Disclosure site showed several spikes in the amplitude power starting with a power of 20 at 1:30 AM UTC.Two is the High priestess think oracle of delphi she who taps into sacred knowledge. Next we hit a power of 42 at 4:00 AM UTC this is six the lovers card bringing Beauty intuition and inspiration. At 8:00 AM UTC we hit a power of 54 The hermit card calling for retreat to high place introspection and insight to inner wisdom. We then had a power of 61 at 9:10 AM UTC Seven is the Chariot forward movement taking charge you have your hands on the steering will traveling with purpose. At 1:00 PM UTC we hit the power of 74 The justice card at eleven, objectivity, right makes might, the law and fairness.The quality was at a power of 8.20 this is ten the Wheel of Fortune. a change in luck usual for the good it would depend on which side of justice you are on. The Frequency went from a high of 8.02 hertz to a low of 7.35 hertz for an average of 7.68 hertz. Giving 21 The world or universe card this is completion success bounty. It is also the Empress which is beauty grace the earth mother archetype.We next shared the Space weather news site where we saw the endless spiral showing a class m CME coming straight at us it could be just a class C too. The Solar chart showed that the Density was up about the mid mark the solar wind speed was at the midmark so in the 330 KPS range. Temperature was spiking down from the center mak it seemed. so possibly cooling off abitThe Planets today site was the last share we went through the moon transits starting with the Moon In pisces T square to the Sun In Leo at 5:55 AM EST. This is a hard aspect. The Moon then went to Oppose Venus In Virgo another hard aspect with the goddess of love at 9:04 AM EST. We finish with the Moon In Pisces sextile Uranus in Taurus a good aspect with the planet of quick change or revolution.We talked a bit about Janine’s video today on the former british empire being taken over by the white hats that are continuing to let the black hat do their stuff just to wake the people.that video is here:Tarot by Janine video link is here : pulled some cards from the Mystic Monday tarot to see if that held for the USA. Those cards are Star bringing hope I read this to indicate the Galactic federation of light in the center of this nex the Eight of wands a spiritual balance through a baptism of fire. The Queen of Wands indicates a fiery woman of power the statue of Liberty comes to mine next we have the nine of wands indicating it might beat completion.The next card the nine of swords indicating we have taken all we can it is now or never. we pulled two major arcana to clarify the first is the fool calling us to take a leap of faith.The last is the Wheel of fortune indicating it is a time for change of luck the white hats win and the dark cabal falls. The Schumann Resonance Today Disclosure site can be found here:…/The Space Weather News Site link can be located here: contact me for a healing or intuitive reading session email me Here: philchris58@gandalfgreendragon