Pope vs Hermit Energy Vlog comes from the amplitude on today’s Schumann Resonance. Happy Memorial Day! This being the 30th of May on a Mystic Monday. The Schumann Resonance today which I thoroughly explain in the video had four amplitude power s to report upon. We started with a power of 42, the Lovers card beauty balance and love. Next the first of two power at a power of 45, the Hermit card. Which bookending the big power of the day at 50, the Hierophant card. we end with a power of 45, The Hermit urging us to go with in for that inner wisdom. The Hermit wins, there is strength in numbers. The quality was at a power of eight , the strength card inner strength comes to mind do we see a theme here? The frequency went from a high of 8.13 hertz to a low of 7.31 hertz. Thus giving us a n average of 7.72 hertz, 16 the Tower card could it be the artifice of the Catholic church? Priest and choir boys come to mind. Therefore, with the hierophant strength and the tower is dol we have the inner strength to face the pope and tell him no more tithing till he cleans the church of its peoopriests. The Space Weather News site showed with the endless spiral that we had a small CME coming off the left limb that might get us. the Solar wind density was just below the mid mark. The speed of that wind was about 500KPS. The temperature was below the nid mark so abit cooler than normal. TheK index or geomagnetic activity was in the green. We started at level three then two . we ended with one then two so still calm with slight variance. We shared a clip of Ben`s Suspicious Observer video today but he did not see the smme coming somewhat at us. Perhaps since his video is released at 5:00 Am Mountain standard time six hours before I look at the data.