Take a Step Back Energy Vlog title comes from the card Take a Step Back from the Angel Guide Oracle deck by Kyle Gray. We started though with the date. June 1st 2022 noting that the six month and the year that adds up to six fies us twelve, the Hanged Man a suspension of action, sacrifice or a change of perspective. Will we see a change in how the mass media talks about? We started with Ben`s Suspicious Observer video and his close up of the Sun. A link to Ben`s video is here: https://youtu.be/SGv7thKnUjs We nest went to Space Weather News site where we saw on the endless spiral app that That flare might have got liftoff right at us so we will have a increase in the solar wind speed. In the Solar wind graphs we saw that the density was down as was the speed and temperature. The Solar wind speed was in the range of 450 to 400 kilometers per Second,KPS. The K Index of geomagnetic activity showed us we started the day at a level of two for twelve hours , then dropping to ones for six hours. All is in the green zone all is calm. We are in the calm before the storm but hey it will not be much of a storm . We then moved to the Schumann Resonance Today site where we saw the Amplitude had several spikes of power. Starting with a power of 32, the Hierophant card the dark pope or the Spiritual messenger, Next we had a power of 45, nine the hermit Card a suspension of action, change in perspective or say take a step back. We next went to the big power of 67 of which we had two. Six plus seven is 13 the Death Card or Transition or transformation which happens several times in our lives. It also reduces to four the Emperor card who can be a death dealer for sure empires are built on the blood of the subjects right? In between the Death card we had an amplitude power of 28. Two plus eight is ten the Wheel of fortune, changing fortunes is the indication an alchemical transformation possibly? The quality was at a power of 12.00, the Hanged Man card, heralding a suspension of action or a change of perspective perhaps a sacrifice voluntary or not. The frequency went from a high of 8.00 hertz to a low of 7.34 hertz. The average of the two is 7.67, resulting in twenty the Aeon or Judgement card depending on which deck you use. The Aeon speak of a change of the aeon like the change of the age of pisces to the age of Aquarius. About Judgement I say judge not lest thee be judged. It could be looked at as an awakening like gabriel blowing his horn to wake the dead thus coming back to the Death Card. We finished with a card from the Kyle Gray Oracle deck The Angel Guide. Thatcard was Take a step back the Title. Reflecting on it we see the parallels of the Hanged man with his suspension of action and change of perspective . Also in the Hermit card in its aspect of a retreat up the mountain a going within for inner wisdom. It is always good to take that step back, the pause to reflect, taking the time to respond instead of react.

the link to the video is here: https://youtu.be/0hZEwLPInIg

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