Devillover contracts Energy Vlog title is a play on the amplitude highest power Today 15 the Devil card or the Lover card since one plus five is six. I also spoke about contract with the devil for music prowess. Thus spawning the term the devil’s music. The Schumann Resonance Today site showed us two spike in the amplitude power . The first was at a power of 11 the Justice card will it be fair? The highest power was 15 the Devils card bringing obsession addiction and bad contract for your soul. Then again one plus five is six the lovers card she of beauty grace intuition and balanced at least we hope so. The quality was at a power of 7.40 , Elven the Justice card, a master number for the ascended masters such as Quan Yin, Green tara , Buddha, and of course Yeshua. The frequency went from a high of 8.05 hertz to a low of 7.50 hertz. The average of the two is 7.77. 777 angel number meaning is a message from the angels to manifest the goals and aspiration of your soul path. Seven times three is 21 the Universe or world card in tarot. which is about completion fullness the completion of the hero’s journey. Manifesting your life’s purpose. the Space Weather News site showed us a coronal hole coming front and center where we will transit that wind in the next two to three days. There are many active sunspots turning into face us stay tuned to this channel. The wind density was up above the mean today. The solar wind speed waas trucking at 300 KPS. The wind temperature measured in Kelvin somewhere in the bottoms third of the chart that is less than 500,000 K on the average. The K index of geomagnetic activity had us start the day 12:00 Am at level two for six hours then up to three for three hours then down to one for three and up to w two for six hours. The calm before the storm. We then drew two card from Archange Metatron self mastery oracle deck . They were the Codepency key to freedom card and the Conquering Fear start today card. Metatron also wanted to know that it is better to work with archangel Sandalphon she will only aid your soul never take away from it. Therefore a much better deal in my book, Links: The Schumann Resonance Today site: the 777 angels number site: Space Weather News site :