Starseed Mother Earth Channeling title comes from the tradition of pulling card from the Starseed oracle deck. The Mother earth channeling comes from a walk I took in nature today taking the time to connect to mother earth something you all can do to find a park of if you are lucky to have a backyard or sacrage. Sit with your houseplants or sit down and meditate sending a tap root into the heart of mother earth. There are many methods but just do it. Mother earth want us to have another summer of love to come together in unity. She asked us to be more like the native americans to walk the red path. She wants us to be true to our divine nature to be the stewards of eath as we should be. she had a message for starseeds to embrace the nature that you are to the body that you created out of her essenes. and create the reality of your soul’s purpose.

The two card from the Starseed Oracle are the Big Picture thinking card and the Surrender to the Sweetness card. The sweetness that mother earth provides. Let the Summer of love begin

Namaste! Video link: