The wheel is Turning Energy Vlog title comes from the Wheel of fortune showing up twice in the schuman numbers. Today being June 13, 2922 give us 25 or seven for the days number this of course is the chariot take control of your direction. The Schumann Resonance Today site showed us one amplitude power of 46 the first Wheel of fortune along with a ghost amplitude from yesterday which was a power of 44 or eight the Strength card which we certainly need. This ghost number came in at 11:30 Pm yesterday. The quality was at a power of 8.00 the ghost Strength card solidifies into real strength. The frequency went from a high of 7.98 hertz to a low of 7.34 hertz. The average of the two is 7.66 hertz, seven plus six doubled is 19 the Sun card it is also ten the wheel of fortune again and finally it is one the Magician card be in control of the elements of your life. The Space Weather News site showed us a flaring sun. On the Endless spiral showed us a class C CME that popped of to the left of the facing sun. The solar wind chart gives an indication that the density is up the wind speed is the same at 450 to 500 KPS or kilometers per Second. We saw that the K index of geomagnetic activity went into the red early this morning at a level five geomagnetic storm. it did calm down to level two only to stip back to three. Therefore, all is calm now all is in the green zone. The Mystic Monday three card pull gave us the following cards : the King of Wands, the Two of Swords and the Six of Cups. A passionate King a battling mind decides to build a loving community. It could be read in a different way for sure. Links: The Schumann Resonance today Disclosure site: The Space Weather News site:

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