Master Teacher Energy Vlog title comes from the amplitude power of 33 the master number for the master Teacher. We started this with the major arcana cards for the amplitude numbers for today. They were the Emperor card the hanged man card, the chariot card and the Lovers card. The Schumann Resonance today Site showed us several amplitude powers today. We Started with an amplitude power of 31 the Emperor card sovereign the divine male. Next amplitude power went to 57 the Hanged man a change of perspective a suspension of action. The big spike of power wa 61, the Chariot card take control of the direction you are going. we ended with a power of 33, a master number for the master teachers think Yeshua or Buddha. three plus three is six the Lovers card bringing love beauty and intuition. The quality was at a power of 10.90, one and nine is nineteen the Sun card it is also ten the Wheel of fortune and it is one the magician fortune is changing and you can have control of it if you step into your power magician. The Space Weather news site showed the Sun was flaring with a coronal hole dead center though it was more like a crack. The Endless spiral showed us a minor CME coming of the sun’s receding left limb away from us. the solar wind density and temperature all spiked upwards While the solar wind speed did the opposite spiking down. The K index of geomagnetic activity was at a level four a minor geomagnetic storm it dropped to three then two for six hors. We ended with six hours of level three. We then pulled four cards from the Rider Waite tarot deck . they were the Fool card the knight of pentacles the Justice card and the eight of wands. Therefore , We are heading out on an adventure we need to be a warrior about our money if we want to find swift justice.


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