Amplitude Anomaly Energy Vlog title on this day 06/18/2022 is from the difference in the highest amplitude between two places it is recorded. One was 74 the other a power of 76. We decided that we would use both numbers since we cannot see the chart they used. Today is saturday therefore Starseed Oracle day.

The Schumann Resonance Today Disclosure site showed us an amplitude power of 74 followed by a power of 18 and a power of 28. Thus we have 11 the Justice card lets be fair. The Moon card illusion and intuition we also went over the transit from the Daily Planetary Guide book for today the moon is in Aquarius for a bit while it trines the Sun in Gemini. The moon then foes to Pisces where it is exalted. We then had The Wheel of fortune a change in luck. We also had under lining number such as two the High priestess she of hidden talents. the hermit seeking within for wisdom. and the magician utilizing the element to manifest. Therefore the high priestess wants Justice through the Moon here magician moves the wheel of fortune.

We have a different number for the amplitude is it 76 or 13 or 4. Therefore, Death transformation from man to divine male as Emperor. The quality was at a power of 6.80, Six plus eight is fourteen the Temperance card let us be balanced and measured in our approach and words. We also get five the Hierophant card a spiritual messenger sort of appropriate for a starseed Saturday. The Frequency went from a high of 8.05 hertz to a low of 7.36 hertz. The average of the two is 7.705 hertz the temperance and Hierophant cards again. If we go to the thousandth we would have 19, 10 and 1 the Sun the wheel of fortune and the magician.

The Space Weather news site showed the Coronal hole/crack is turning away the sunspots are flaring but no CME except of the left limb of the sun away from us. S The Solar wind density at mid chart . the solar wind speed is in the 550 kilometers per second KPS. The K index of Geomagnetic activity showed a brief level four geomagnetic storm that came in yesterday evening we started our day at leve three geomagnetic activity. WE then went to level two then one and finally back to level three all in all a calm day in our geomagnetic activity. We then moved to the Starseed Oracle deck. We had two cards , the Baby step follow your intuition before it makes sense or trust your gut instincts . the second card is the Blue flame card, spontaneous awakening and activation It is integration time. Thing also that you are protected in this endeavor by archangel Michael and by the Deep blue dragon who clears a kilometer wide circle around you.


The Schumann Resonance today Disclosure site: The space weather news site:

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