Solstice 2022 Energy Vlog title is brought to you by the longest day in the Northern Hemisphere. thus the summer solstice. In the southern hemisphere it is the longest night therefore the winter solstice. The Schumann resonance today disclosure site had little to share. An estimate is the best I could do. The amplitude appeared to be somewhere between a power of 14 to 17. somewhere in between the Death card and transition to he Tower and a swift our sudden change in our structures. The Space Weather News Site had more to share. We have a new set of coronal holes turning toward us stay tuned for updates on that. The endless spiral seemed to show a slight puff of energy coming off the sun. The solar Wind charts showed the X-ray showed a phi angle flip a little dip in in fact. the density showed a a spike in density then coming down just below the mid mark. The Solar Wind speed showed a dip then coming back to 500 kilometers per second KPS. The Temperature showed the hockey stick rise before leveling out in the bottom of the chart. The K index of Geomagnetic activity was all in the green zone from level on to three but still calm. we Shared a bit of Nicholas Ventminn video interview of a Doctor from california who has some legitimate concern about legislation that is concerning.stip toward tyranny . The link to that video is here: We pulled six cards from the Light Seers tarot. the first three are for the divine feminine since we started with the Empress card signifying the earth mother. We then had the Ace of wands a inspiration. The last of that row was the Page of Pentacles a new source of money? The second row was more to the question of the video . the card were the Seven of Wands contention a need to meditate maybe? the Knight of Pentacles the power of money? The King of Cups an emotional leader! We pulled a clarifier it was the Fool card telling to take a leap of faith. I feel this tells us to meditate on the issue to gain the cosmic downloads. Follow the money or invest where you are inspired and take that leap of faith that you can make the correct emotional actions. Space Weather news site link:

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