Spiritual Growth energy vlog title comes from The Angel guide oraclke card of the same name Spiritual Growth. We began with the date June 22, 2022/ The day 22 lis a master number for the master builders. We had yesterday a total of 33 the master number for the master teachers like yeshua and Buddha. Two days in a row with a master number wow! The Schumann Resonance Today Disclosure site showed us several amplitude power today. We started with a power of eighteen the Moon card or archetype per C. E. Jung. The Moon is an illusion it is hollow and we went into the transits of the day. The were the Moon in Aries conjuncting Chiron in Aries. Both are good aspects to have bringing both Intuition. The next Power of the amplitude was 48, The hanged Man since four plus eight is twelve. The hanged man is about sacrifice voluntary or not, a suspension of action, and or a change in perspective. The last amplitude power was 28 which come to ten the wheel of fortune signifying change which is the only constant. Change is always happening. The Qual[ty was at a Power of 7.50, which adds up to 13 the Death card Transforming or transitioning from one state of being to another. The frequency went from a high of 8.04 hertz to a low of 7.50 hertz. the average of those two is 7.77 hertz, or 21 the Universe or World Card. 22 the Emperor the divine male transforms into the world logos. we had a brief clip from Ben’s suspicious Observer video until I had a blind moment and lost the video. We pulled three cards from the Angel guides Oracle. They were the Trust lthe Universe card, the surrender card, and the spiritual growth card. The universe has our back we can surrender to is and accept the spiritual growth that comes from meeting the negative contrast of this world with courage and love. The Schumann Resonance today Site link: https://www.disclosurenews.it/schumann-resonance-today-update/ To contact me for a Reiki healing or Intuitive reading email me at: philchris58@gandalfgreendragon

video Link: http://Video link https://youtu.be/MlNTGBEh1Dw