That acronym is not what I wrote for the title just a play on it.

They only fool us because we let them. They only fool us when we believe them.

WTF comes about when they do something that wakes us up really. Things like censorship, brutality Lies and deceit. those are the things that make me say WTF. WTF are we going to wake up to the lies ? When are we going to say enough of this BS or Bull Shit. It is time to say no more. It is time to say not on my watch.

Dominion has to be taken down. We need to insure our votes man something . We need to insure our schools teach the essentials reading writing and arithmetic That sex education is age appropriate. That abortions are reasonable and infrequent not a business model. We need our representative to represent us and not the corporation!

We need to treat each other with respect and compassion. Yet we also need to calls them on their BS and listen when they call us on ours. It is plain and simple be kind yet claim your sovereignty. Know that you are divine multidimensional being of energy of light. Be the very best you can be and just maybe everyone around you will do the same. Let us say what the fuck lets try that for a change.