Dear Humans you are so wrapped up in the darma, a Sanskrit form of your role in the world the part you play in the movie. This drama of your ego that small part of your brain called the amiguila or reptilian brain stem. This is why some people. are addicted to fear they love horror films. We need to let go of fear for it creates lusha energy on which the archons like to feed. There is one reason to let go of the drama of your darma.

Then there is the term of drama queen or King who loves the attention or excitement of creating in a dramatic way. Coming across as over blown or to egotistical. Another thing we might need to detach from. I get it we all like to tell good stories in a dramatic way ever once in a while, but when it is all the time it gets to be a bit much.

Another drama we should detach from is anger. That which triggers us. That which pulls us out of our serenity or peace. This one is harder because the drama part is when we get angry at someone else for a perceived wrong spoken or otherwise. For we have no control of the other wall barley have control of ourselves. When we rise into anger It is only a bit better than fear in its vibration. Besides we should thank them for showing us what we still need to work on. Three deep breaths will usual help in this endeavor. If not then retreat and meditate on it for an hour that is what I should do at sixty plus a minute for every year is recommended. Remember you only have control of your own emotions and hopefully the words you say, attitude is everything have a positive one.

Be the Observer remain unattached to the drama that they want you washed in. Keep your vibration as high as you can that way they can not feed upon you. Remember laughter is the best answer and it drives the demons crazy.