It is time for all of us to come into the power that is our birthright. To open to the Sides that we inherently possess. It is time for us to come into the second coming of christ within. Most of you have had lifetime on other planets revolving around distant stars. I have seen felt or know that most of the people I do healings for are from ET races that come from many of the stars you see in your night sky.

I know some on this planet come from systems that do not like us for the most part the serve self or the
Artificial intelligence. This would be the greys the tall whites and many of the reptilian race though not all. They are referred to as the Orion group and they have infiltrated our star system and made alliances with traitorous humans from the Nazis and secret space conglomerate think MJ 12. They are sometimes referred to as the deep[ state. There aim is to enslave us more than they have already by getting us all chipped and thereby under the control of the AI Queen.

Therefore, the transhumanist like the W.H.O. and W.E.F. are part of this traterious group that is selling us out to the Orion group. We need to resists to move away from their attempt to inject us with their graphene Oxide nanoparticles that at the right frequency with self assemble into the control chip they want to use on us. We can override their dastardly plan. We can tell them hell no not going to do that.

Just say no to transhumanism and to their experimental M RNa shot. Start the Detox now. Look into chelation, Pine needle tea, Dandylion tea burdock there are many herbs

you can take to cleanse your system. Unplug from the nightly news or the tv altogether for they do not call it programs on a whim they are telling you what they are doing to you.

Know that you are strong sovereign beings of light. Throw off your chains the shackles the doublespeak they use to confuse and control you with. Fight their lies with your truth. Throw off the masks they protect you from little. Hold your head up and face the future like a boss. We may have to go to the streets so be prepared mentally and physically. Get out into nature draw on the strength of mother earth to protect you. Call on Source, Mother father God or prime creator. call on your Higher self your galactic family. Declare what you want the Universe will provide speak with authority and finish with a so mote it be.