The mind can roam in search of a meme! /The heart on the other hands just wants to love./The body strives to maintain life./ A loving heart will make you Kind./ Marrying mind to hear is where we d need to go./ To merge it all into a ball of light./ You can wear your heart upon your sleeve./ Whynot us your heart to filter your mind?/ Step forward with a loving heart and see how beautiful this world can be!/My guides tell me to alway come from the heart of love./ They tell me to raise my vibe to love to begin every day.

A loving heart is always a great start / Breathe through your heart to make h you m smart./ Sync you mind and heart. / A loving heart can come across in many way even as a sweetart. / Two hearts bating as onein lolve so rare that it takes us back to the start.