Changing Persp0ecti8ve Energy Vlog title is from the Amplitude power being 39 twice. Three plus nine is twelve, the Hanged man in tarot. Today is the 12 of august, 2022 giving us a total of 26 or 8 the Strength card. You can find it within or by banding together with friends and family.

The Schumann Resonance today showed us bookend amplitude of a power 39 at 6:20 am UTC we had a amplitude power of 34, The last amplitude of 39 happened at 10:30 am utc, In the Card we have the hanged man card then the Chariot card with another Hanged man card . Therefore, Stop hair of action , choose your direction and change your perspective.

Moving up from the amplitude to the quality with a power of 14.20 the Tower comes to mind. Which tower is falling the Dollar maybe. The Frequency went from 7.97 hertz to a low of 7.36 hertz. The average of the two is 7.66 hertz thus 19 the Sun card oh what fun under the sun. Things are going now. The

Space Weather news site showed us a similar Coronal Mass Ejection CME coming off the backside of the Sun. The Solar wind chart showed us that the X ray is calm today. The density in yellow is down under the mid mark and the solar wind speed is in the 450 to 500 Kilometers Per Second, KPS. The Temperature was down too. The K index was in the green, level three to one then back to two then three , two and ending at one. Therefore a little low. They all add up to twelve the Hanged man telling us to change our perspective sacrifices might be needed.


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