I had two cards flip out today one is the Spiritual Growth card from the Angel Guide Oracle deck. We are starting with the last first card Opportunity and Change the message start , as one door closes another opens. This is a time of change a time of opportunity and abundance. your angels are drawing near to aid you in making the changes that will bring these opportunities that are now winging their way to you. ato aid you in your projects, to manifest your dreams. Trust that they are there for you in your time of need. Let go of your fear your sense of failure for you are divine co creators children of the light

the other card is Spiritual Growth which tells us This is a powerful time for you. Your growth and understanding are unfolding at an Incredible rate. hopefully you have had insights and experiences that support your growth now. You may have had divinely inspired Ideas that aid yo9u in thes growth. you may find you have been connecting with particular energies or your guides or guardian angels. Know you are on the path of light and your spiritual growth is developing now.

If you resonate with these card That is great. If you find this helpful I pray for your welfare.