Pulled two cards out of the oracle deck of the same name. the first card was the Shaman card telling us to trust the higher realms. A shaman is a psychopomp the person that goes between the worlds. They journey to get messages from the higher realms. the card say to trust the angles , your guides and ancestors they have gifts and messages for us. The shaman rides the Drum to find game or how a raid or battle will go. Theyu belive the illness or disease was due to soul loss or damage. The shaman will go into the spirit world to retrieve these pieces.

I found it very interesting that this cards popped out for the same reading basically the medicne woman and the shaman both healers and psychopomps retrieve you soul fragments and become whole.

The Medicine Mother is similar in that she is intuitive or outright psychic. She has inner knowledge. She has had her ups and downs. She encourages you to carry on. do not put off what needs to be down. Mother knows best! she admonishes us to take the next step.