Cracked Open Energy Vlog title is from the Starseed Oracle deck card of that name. we started though with the date October 22, 2022 22 is a master number for the Master builder. Two plus Two is four the Emperor card in tarot numerology. I went on a bit of the attributes of the card. 16 plus 22 is 38. Three plus eight is eleven the Justice card. We want our justice to be fair something we can trust not forced on us aritarily base on political beliefs. The Schumann Resonance today Disclosure site showed us a power of 20 ,which is the Aeon or judgement card. It also showed us a 22 amplitude from yesterday evening at a power of 22 a master number. The quality power was at eleven so an echo of the days number. Justice must be served fairly right? The frequency went from a high of 8.07hertz to a low of 7.50 hertz. The average of the owo is 7.78 hertz, which adds to 24. Two plus four is six , The lovers card she of beauty intuition think the muse. Therefore, the Aeon will bring Justice through the Lionhearted love This is the Aeon where the viking becomes a spiritual warrior of the light. The Space Weather site showed us a small CME shooting off more than ninety degrees from the Earth.s Yet the Coronal hole is now impacting the earth in the K index. This shows the geomagnetic activity started out calm at a level two then jumped to three then five then four then back to five leaving us in a geomagnetic storm. We ended with two cards from the Starseed Oracle deck . The first card is the Cracked Open card telling us at rock bottom we need to surrender to the alchemy of life Embrace the purple flame of transformation. The Second cad is the lost lands card which reminds us of Soul memories and gifts. You have done this before. Either in Lemuria or Atlantis it is time to bring forth your gifts starseed. links: Schumann Resonance Today Disclosure site: space Weather News site: