It is time to level up a bit.You need to be careful about your relationships do they uplift if not maybe you need to rethink them. There are many ways to raise o the vibration about you Music is one of my favorites. keeping your thoughts positive. You can also raise your vibration by going outside and grounding yourself to a tree. that is right hug a tree. you can overcome the darkness. listen to some light language or speak it yourself. Do something that you enjoy. Whether you like to dance paint or knit. If it give you joy do it. Hug the ones you love that raises you vibration and theirs.

if you are experiencing a dark night of soul remember love is key. You are not alone for you are all multi dimension call out to that to help you clear your shadow to help you see that brightness. Forgiveness is also key. Love Is the best for clearing shadow and raising your vibration. Call upon your star family or your real family for help remember there is strength in numbers.