The Story of Moon title is from just that the story of the Moon as I know it. This was done on November 3, 2022 giving us the Temperance card and #20 the Aeon or Judgement card so a balanced Judgements. We started with the Daily Planetary guide using the Planets today site . The Moon moved into Pieces at the end of Nov. 2 ,2022 so we start the the pieces moon trines Mercury in Scorpio, the Sun in Scorpio Then Venus also in Scorpio. The Pisces moon sextiles Uranus in Taurus to finish.

I went into my talk on the moon starting with its origin as a Mother ship part of the stellar defense system for a million years before it became a n ark for the people of maldek or Tiamat depending on who story you go with The Elite used the Moon to escape the plants destruction. The planet tiamat became the asteroid belt peppered mars knocking it into a new orbit Earth was also hit. So these elite limped the moon to its locked orbit. The Moon also equipment installed a soul trap on the moon to recycle us with out.That system has ended recently which I confirmed that it had ended.I still had a question about who is operating on the moon.

I pulled someecards on who is running it now it looked like it was humans now in the form of the alliance. I also pulled card s on Corey goode which are for the most part positive at least not negative. I also drew card on elaine dannan they were not so positive with the tower and the wheel of fortune karmic change The page could be here she was abducted by grays when she was nine according to her