This rumble is to get us ready to kick ass to bring on the new earth not the NWO or the WEF wet dream . It is time to take action like the brazilians . Time to throw off the shackles of thought tranny that keeps us from realizing our god given attributes. We are here to create the world we want to see not what the WEF or Bill gates want .

Men it is time to take on the archetype of the Emperor the Divine male Ladies take on the Empress the divine female be the sovereign being you came here to be. We can rise above our circumstances we can stop the abuse it needs to stop now. We have to protect our children and raise them to be the bright starseeds they came here to be. WE can absolutely put a stop to all of this the mask restrictions the bogus vaccination the digital id and central bank crypto that they can shut off for a whim. We need to stop this rewording of pedorapists they start with the word pedophiile let us hide in latin now they are pushing a even more insidious term like child friendly orientated or some such bull shit. Call them what they are rapist.