Called To My Arms Energy Vlog title is from the two card drawn from the Starseed Oracle deck. The card were the Called card and the Fall into my arms card. We started with the date November 27,2022= 44 or eight the strength card calling us to have courage and be strong. in these trying times.

Schumann Resonance today Disclosure showed us two amplitude spikes The forest and biggest was a power of 16, The Tower card a swift letting go of our artifices or the thing no longer serving us falling away. The second amplitude power of 14, the Temperance Card, let us find balance along our pathway. May we be measured in our approach to family and friends. The Quality was at a power of Seven , the Chariot card, we are called to take charge of which direction you are going. Thereby making quek progress. The frequency went from a high of 8.12 hertz sto a low of 7.64 hertz This give us an average of 7.88hertz, adding up to 23 which Is five for tarot numerology. #5 the Hierophant card is the pope or a spiritual messenger, could also be a channeller of spirits too . Therefore, The falling Tower is tempered by taking charge of your chariot and moving in accordance with the spiritual message for your spirit guides.

Space Weather new site showed us a Class m CME blasting off from the suns backside on the incoming limb. The X ray flux was revealed by two Phi angle flips today. The solar wind Density was above the midmak a bit. The wind speed was 450(KPS) The solar wind temperature was in the two thirds range. The K index was never three orgreen for the first three hours of the day UTC . That then crept up a bit into the yellow zone. then down to three and up to level four or minor geomagnetic Storm. We end the day at levverl to wo green. Therefore, a brief storm founded by calm.

The starseed Oracle cards Called tells us to tap into our soul gift and training. It is time to step up now. The other card is Fall into my arms, Surrender into my arms. Holding the Opposite. The extremes of life. We are cal;;ed to embrace our other half this could be the equivalent of the Temperance card.