In the major arcana fifth card is the Hierophant we see a man in a red robe right hand up pointing to heaven the other holding a triple cross staff. He stands before a crowd looking up to him he is flanked by two towers. He portrays a spiritual authority a traditionalist. The image is of the Pope and boy did they hate descent back in the day when these cards were first drawn. Then there is the problem of the choir boys and the priest picadillos you might say this is the dark side of the card.

There is a spiritual messenger that we find in almost any channeler worth their salt. Especially when they speak on traditions and morals. The hierophant is about a spiritual order. The best example I can think of is the Law of One material a channeling of Ra.

when you draw the Hierophant card think of your spiritual traditions. Seeking answers from your higher self is called for. It is a call to be the spiritual messenger embody it. Take on the archetype of the High Priest draw on your inner wisdom bring forth the word of spirit to guide the masses.