Automatic Writing Energy vlog Title is form my talk at the end of this video on how you can use a keyboard to record your channeling of the story they want to tell. We started as always with thee date January 9, .2023 we have the month #1 the amagus card then the date a nine the Hermit add the year seven the Chariot we have #17 the letter Q in tarot though it is the Star card so bringing hope and a clarity to our vision.

Schumann Resonance today Disclosure site showed us two amplitud powers the first and strongest was a double tap of 45. To big for Tarot Numerology . Therefore we add it to get nie the Hermit Card a callto go within for that sweet Inner wisdom baby. It was followed by an amplitude power of 33 a master number for the Master teacher, such as Yeshua or Buddha. The equality was at a power of 8.60 the main chart was nearing a whiteout. those numbers give us #14 the Temperance card, a call to balance for healing to be measured in our approach. The Frequency average was 7.57 hertz which gives us #19 The Sun card warmth, abundance and power/ energy.

Space Weather News site showed us flaring sunspots , phi angel flip of the x ray flux and Solar wind chaotic datastreams. The solar wind speed did calm down to 350 (KPS). The K index started in the green zone. Started with a short two then a small fraction of one for six hours. Then up to one followed by a short one and then a tall one ie off the one line.

We then went over the Transits of the Leo moon arguing with everything it crosses. While Venus in Aquarius want to trine with Mars in Gemini. this was all taken from the Daily Planetary Guide by llewellyn.

Schumann Resonance Today Disclosure site:
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