January 12, 2023 comes to 20 the Aeon of Judgement Card. The Aeon is the end of one age and the beginning of another. Like the transition from the age of pisces inot the age of Aquarius, Transition are difficult at times and pleasant in another. This is why our attitude is so important. This Aquarian age Is about community and yet the individual is key too. It is the internet. Though it is sometime referred to as the water bearer, it is actually an air sign ruled by Uranus which is swift lightening like charges.

The Judgement card tells us to wake up to be aware. It calls for self reflection. It is important not to judge others though for sure you must be discerning when dealing with other people. Self assessment is important to identify our own issues or feelings. It is important to know our own demons You want to be honest with yourself. Have a clear vision of what and who you are.

I have heard from SG Anon that there will be Tribunal courts come the Fall . interestingly the Republicans are revings Church Committee like committee to look at the Tweeter file revelation regarding the FBI censoring people first amendment rights which should be unconstitutional. So we are seeing Judgement coming out. As to the change of ages We Will have Puto moving briefly into Aquarius around March 23, 2023 at 8:13 AM EST I have heard an astrologer say that is a sign we have entered into the age of Aquarius. I know the fifth dimension did not use pluto entering aquarius in there song but it works for me!