This Title is because i channelled a message from Green Tara,an Earth mother form the chinese pantheon. We started with the numbers of the day. January 15, 20233, the day 15 is the Devil card. The year and month is eight the strength card. They all add up to 23 or 5 the Hierophant a spiritual messenger we went for the Earth mother, Green tara not the devil today.

The Schumann resonance today numbers start with the amplitude at a power of 8 the Strength card coming in at 3:00 Am UTC. The Empress card a earth mother like Green TAra. The quality was at a power of 9.10 or ten the Wheel el of fortune card Karmic change coming for Biden. The Frequency average was 7.75 hertz, which adds to #19 the Sun card , abundance warmth and light.

The Sun leads us to Space weather new whee we saq Sunspot flaring but no phi angle flikps The solar wind density was in the eight proton per sec. The Solar wind speed was between 400 and 450 (KPS). Temperature was up in the chart but heading down. The K index started with a level five Minor geomagnetic storm it started to calm down after the first three hours but never left the yellow zone.
We ended with Green Tara’s words about bohavistas being on the earth now and saying it is time for the master to come to the fore I paraphrase here since I was in a trance state when I did it I know she said more but like a dream after waking quickly fades away.I have asked here to deliver a special message Here:v Let us start with love like the loving heart, Like the love of the mother for her child. Like the sweet bliss of a lover. We give the clear true love when we learn to love ourselves. That und conditional love of the universe. Once you reflect that love you can start loving others unconditionally too. Love is the answer to all questions it is the alpha and the omega. Know that Green tara and the earth mother love you this way.

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