Karmic Change Energy vlog comes from the date January 20,2023 and the amplitude power of 10. the date adds to 28 which isn the AA Metatron Oracle deck is the Harma Untying the knots card. Tow plus eight is ten also. We have tens all over the place.

Schumann Resonance today showed us two amplitude powers the first was a power of seven , the chariot card calling for swift movement and a need to take control of our chariot. The Quality was at a power of 9.60 this adds to 15 the Devil card which talks of our obsession and addictioan which enslave us. The frequency average is 7.87 hertz, which adds to 22 The Fool card in Tarot numerology since it does on a have a zero. The Fool tells us to take a leap of faith, a need to pay attention or we will take a bad fall.

Space Weather News showed us a small CME popping of that will brush is only since it was small. We saw some weird data on the X ray we saw activity on the black line which is usually is flat and the phi angle line disappeared while it was moving up then down. The Solar wind was down, density was less than ten about three. The solar wind speed was in the 400 KPS range. The Temperature was down too
Schumann Resonance Today Disclosure site:https://www.disclosurenews.it/schumann-resonance-today-update/
Space Weather News site: https://spaceweathernews.com/