I am here to bring swift change Lightening quick. I am here to aid Terra in her ascension into her 5th dimension being . Yes this planet is conscious and we need to ground into her both physical Emotional and mentally. We need to be self loving to be compassionate and kind. to develop a loving heart.

We are divine spark s fo source having these 3rd to 4th dimensional lives. Since we are all connected to source or the divine nature of the universe. We become more divine the more we connect to your Higher self. We can make this connection by meditating by deep breathing By singing and dancing or taking long woods in the forest or park. It can come over you following your bliss doing what makes you happy!

Remember though that as you ascend to respect and honor others on their path to the divine. Look it as if you are building a flame you have to give it fuel your effort toward this goal and air or oxygen apply a spark and the divine flame begins to blaze. I am sure you can find your own way toward this goal to manifest your divine self-(NAMASTe)