This title comes from the #13 Air card of Archangel Metatron’s Self Mastery Oracle. That number 13 came from the date February 4, 2023 which equals 13 the Death card which is about Transformation or transition from one state to another. Remember all. energy is conserved and everything is energy.

The Schumann Resonance Today Disclosure showed us an amplitude power of 6 brought in at 4:00 PM UTC. Thus we have the Emperor bringing in the Lovers on this day of transformation. the quality was at a power of 8.70, this adds to #15 the Devils card since the devil is in the details we have to be aware of our obsessions and addictions that will enslave us to siad Devil. The Frequency was at an average of 7.81 hertz, Which gives us #16 the Tower Card bringing lightening change and it is a falling away of what no longer serves our growth. thus all the numbers give us, The Lovers go through devilish times to suffer a lightning strike that tears down their artifices to become pure and clear in their love.
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