The Title is not saying it is a hot war but it is a war against us know the less.from 125 minute neighborhoods to environmental skullduggery to wars where we support the wrong side. We start with the date February 21, 2023 which adds to 30 Tarot Numerology say we add that to get three the empress card she of beauty grace and fecundity the Divine feminine the Earth mother the Blue Madonna.

The Schumann Resonance today Disclosure site showed usan amplitude power of 10 at 10:00 PM UTC. Thus we have the wheel of fortune bringing in Karma change with the With the Wheel of Fortune. The quality was at a power of 10.80 which gives us nine the Hermit card, calling us to retreat up the Mountain of enlightenment to go within for inner wisdom or power. The frequency was at an average of 8.07 hertz giving us the sum or 15 the Devil card in in these details. The Devil strives to control us through our fears anger and depression or by our obsessions and addictions, this is the first battle. Therefore, the wheel of fortune bring change to the moon which deludes us into the devil’s plan. Let us not make it easy for him by rising about our fears, addictions and Obsessions.

TheSpace Weather News Site showed us a small CME popping off w from the incoming limb of the Sun The Solar wind chart showed us the amplitude was around nine protons per second hinting that we might need to go within for wisdom. The Solar Wind speed was vacillating around the 450 Kilometers per Second (KPS), another nine or hermit card. The Temperature is hard to tell but it is way up on the chart. The X ray flux did just get into the M class flares . The K index started the day at 3.25 level or just into the yellow zone for the first nine hours. We then went to a level of 4 a minor geomagnetic storm followed by a three and three quarters and a 2.75 level in the green thus ending in the calm zone.

We shared info from two videos the first was Rebel news on the fifteen minute neighborhood which sparked a protest in Oxford Uk of about a thousand people concerned about government overreach. The second was a Russell Brand Rumble about East palestine trainwreck or our environment the war in ukraine Started By the US of A and the experimental MRNA kill shot which pfizer a said was what the government ordered by the government. Thus many examples of the War against humanity .

Schumann Resonance Today Disclosure site:
Space Weather News site:
Rebel News site:
Russell Brands Rumble video: your-presidents-job-085-stay-free-with-russell-brand.html

Here is the Video for the notes: