This title is from the Starseed oracle deck cards Cracked Open and the Child of Cosmos Intelligence of he unis vers lies within you. The date is March 5, 2023 adds up to #15 The Devil card is within this day. What are we obsessed with.

The schumann Resonance Today Disclosure site showed us an amplitude power of 10 at 1:50 AM UTC. Thus the Lovers card asks us to partner with the Wheel of change to make it positive. The quality was at a power of 7.80 . Thus we have #15 the Devil card. What are we obsessed about? The frequency average is 7.93 hertz. Thus we have #19 the Sun card here comes the sun my little one a bright new day to illuminate the darkness that seem to be assailing us.

The Space Weather News site showed usa M class CME which shot off away from us. The X-ray flux got to the M class with a couple of PHI angle flip. The Solar wind density was over the 10 proton per second. The solar wind speed somewhere between 500 and 650 (KPS). The Temperature was at the top of its chart so close to 500,000 kelvin. The K index of geomagnetic activity started the day at a level of 3.25 or ten the wheel of fortune for the first six hours. We then went to level four the Emperor card the divine male. We h then went to level 2.75 , the temperance card so be balanced. We then are back to level four. we end with a level 3 the Empress the divine female.

I went over Marty Hibbs report with Dick Algier on the Dollar and gold and Silver. The Dollar is up, Gold and Silver are taking a dip. I went over why the dollar might be up due to higher interest rate than other countries. Therefore it will not stay up.
Schumann Resonance Today Disclosure site:
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The Starseed Oracle cards were pulled to see what they would say about the wheel of change Thus the first card Cracked open telling us we have hit rock bottom. as in the Devil card with its obsession and addiction that enslaves us to the devil. The child of the cosmos card telus to go within to tap the intelligence of the Universe. As a way to get out of our obsessions adn addiction.

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