The Manhatten NY, DA is contemplating whether he can get away with arrest a former president on a misdemeanor change. So basically as I understand it he is aobut to get arrested for something that would only justify a fine which I am sure President Trump can pay. They are really clutching at straws but they are not dealing with a strqw man they have Donald J Trump on their hands.

I have a good Idea for this DA he should go down the list of Epstein island client’s and arrest some of those pedo-rapist! Now that would be some Justice far more appropriate use of the office than to hassle a former president.

Do not get me wrong if the Man is guilty of something serious Like I dons t know like insider trading-Nancy Pelosi, Or maybe having a murder/sucide list in the hundreds-Hillary Clinton this one I admit would be hard to try but still she deserves it. The Bird is sick both sides have mites and are losing feathers. We certainly need a better governance than we are getting.

In the end folks we have to demand it build it out from the bottom up. Start with your School board Get involved in your county shrive demand they know the constitution and work form that document. We then move into the state legislature and clean that up. That next step is a big one. congressman/women to the federal government. A peoples party as government should fore the people not the corparcrasy. They are not people though made up of people.