Silver Hanged Man Energy Vlog Title is from the amplitude and quality both adding up ot 12 The Hanged man and the SG anon interview of Dr. Kirk Elliot talking on the sliver being a hedge against inflation or a way to preserve your purchasing power. We started as usual with the date which is March 21, 2023 giving us the #31 or Four the Emperor card. he is the Divine male a builder of empires either a magnanimous ruler of a tyrant you hope for the former.

The Schumann Resonance today Disclosure site showed us an amplitude of 12 at 7:45 AM UTC. Thus we have #16 The Tower card with Lightening and distraction bringing the halt of action of the Hanged man. The Quality was at a power of 7.50 also giving us #12 The hanged man to really stress that change of perspective we need to have. The frequency average was 8.03 hertz. Givign us # 11 the Justice card which we want to be swift and fair or balanced. Eleven is also a master nuber for the ascended master like Yeshua and Buddha.

Space Weather News Showed us the solar wind density being in the ten or more protons per second the solar wind speed was up to over 500 (KPS). The Temperature was up to the top of its chart so close to the 500,000 Kelvin range. The K index of geomagnetic activity was in the green zone. the High was a level of 2.75 to a low of one ending at a level of 1.33.

I finished with my rant on Inflation and how Silver could be a hedge against said inflation.

Schumann Resonance today Disclosure site:
Space Weather News site:

I had a problem with the video the microphone was not working properly . Therefore, all I have is these notes. Hope it sufficed.