The title comes from the “You Gut the Love” card from the Star Seed Oracle deck. We started this with the date March 26, 2023. The Month and year give us ten the wheel of fortune adding that to 26 gives us 36. Which we must reduce to nine the Hermit card.

The Schumann Resonance Today Disclosure site showed us an Amplitude power of 9 at 3:45 AM UTC. Thus we have #122 the Hanged Man card bringing us through a change of perspective going toward the Hermit who withdraws up the mt. of enlightenment to go within to find their inner wisdom. The quality was at a power of 10.20, thus we have #3 the Empress She of beauty and grace . The divine female or Earth mother. I was so happy to talk with Yara today My Empress. The frequency average was 7.69 hertz, thus we have # 22 The fool card. Therefore, we have the Hermit with inner wisdom lightening the way to the Empress who births us Fools to leap into these lives we lead.

The Space Weather News site Showed us a small CME popping off away from us so no worry. The XZ ray Flux only got into the C class range. The Solar wind density was on the ten proton per second. The solar wind speed was just above the 500 {KPS}. The temperature was up on its chart some what close to 500,000 Kelvin mark, or damn hot. The K index of Geomagnetic activity was in the green zone starting at level 2.75 for the first six hours. then going down ot 1.66 till nine. When it went to .66 for o another six hours taking us to 3:00 PM to a level one. We then rose up to three that highest one, to end the day at a level of 1.66.

WE then shared a video clip of Gov. De-santos asking for legislation to stop the Central bank digital coin from being used in Florida for currency. We surely do not want that from the federal reserve which is neither federal nor reserved.

We ended this Video with a three card draw from the Star Seed Oracle deck. the first cards the You got love card, with Hadarain Energy ~ They are speaking of people from the planet Hadar.
The next card was the Star Seed Ancestors card. with hidden secrets , Lost wisdom adn asks us to look a little deeper. the last card was the Void card. Thus we have the Cosmic womb a call to go within as we started the video from the Hermit as the energy of the day.

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