Angel # 88 Energy Vlog title is from the quality number 8.80 for its power. We started with the month April and the year 2023 to get 11 the master number fore the ascended master it s also the Justice card in tarot numerology. Therefore, we are in a month of justice how will it fall? today being the 2nd gives us #13the Death Card which leads to a rebirth it is about transformation or transition. We are constantly moving from one state to another. Let go f what no longer serves your greater good.

The Schumann Resonance today Disclosure site showed us two different amplitude’s a 26 at 8:30 am UTC. Thus Justice bringing us strewth and courage. Then above i t showed a power of 31 at 6:00 AM UTC. Thus we have the lovers bringing the emperor or love brings out the best in the ruler love of his people Love of h the nation . A loving emperor is the best the closest to divine. The quality was at a power of 8.80. This brings us to the angel number 88 and its secret meaning. This number is about success, achievement and abundance which got w me into the subject of silver being a good hedge against the Tower moments we are going through right now . For silver has a Utility and is also a precious metal. that hold value in market tower moments. The frequency average is 7.87 hertz. thus we have 22 the master number for the master builder a nod to the emperor. In tower numerology 22 is the Fool Card. Telling us we got to be aware lest we take a fall in fact a leap of faith. It is also the beginning of the Hero’s journey too. Therefore we have the Emperor Tears down the crumbling towers taking a huge leap of faith that he can rebuild his empire on a better financial foundation of gold and silver. and thereby avoid appearing as the fool.

The Space Weather new site showed us another CME coming of the backside of the Sun fortunately. The Solar density was at five protons per Second. The Solar wind speed at 550 to 600 (KPS)1. Wheel of fortune or Lovers take your pick? The temperature was in the range of 130,000 kelvin still bloody hot for me. This brings us to the K index of Geomagnetic activity, which starts in the yellow s zone. At a level of 3.75 till six am. It then went to level three for six hours taking us to noon. Where we went down to level 2.33 From 3:00 to 9:00 PM we were at a level of .75.

We pulled two star seed Oracle deck cards. First we have the Blue Flame card callsign for spontaneous awakening like in a Kundalini rising which I explained. Activating your sides causing you to integrating your abilities into a new whole. The Second card was the Water your Garden card . calling for rest nourishment and tenderness toward your body, do take care of it.
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