Star Ancestors Energy Vlog title is from the Starseed Oracle of the Same name we drew at the end of the video.l Today’s date is May 14,2023, thus we have 26 the Strength card. Let us be strong and full of courage to speak our truth.

The Schumann Resonance Today Disclosure site showed us two amplitudes the first was a power of 42 at 2:45 AM UTC. Thus we have #11 the Justice card fairly brings harmony to the lovers card . The next amplitude was a power of 40 at straight up noon or #12 the Hanged Man calling for a halt in the Emperor’s empire building to change his perspective to building library or temple to exalt him . The Quality was at a power of 8.80, thus we have #16 the Tower card. that which is built on shifting ground will fall. The frequency average was 7.85hertz. Thus we have #20 the Aeon or Judgement card. We come to a judgement pint at the end of an awon. All Together then we have a Lion strength Harmously empowering the lovers to clean up their broken tower to build anew on solid ground their home for the new Aeon without judgment or regret.
The Space weather New site showed us a class C CME going off at a ninety degree angle from usl. so no worries. The solar Wind density was between 8 or 9 Protons per second. The solar wind speed was at 500 Kilometers per second (KPS). The Temperature of the solar wind was up into the 100,000 degrees Kelvin. The Kp index of geomagnetic activity started at a level of one then to 1.75 taking us through the six o clock hour. we then went to level two for six hours and then to level 2.75 for the high of the day we ended with level of 2.3 to midnight.

We then wind to the Cat Tibi being interviewed by the Babylon crew we come in where they were talking about her early experience of getting blowback on calling star wars fan buoys lame . and they came back with death threats or wishes really. Her overall take on it I found useful If you’re going to be funny you have just do it you need to be brave enough to make a mistake. Be authentic and do not worry about he rest of it people will react in weird ways get used to it.

We ended with the Starseed Oracle Deck. where we pulled two cards. the first was the All Paths Lead Home card. the Key words are,Inner Authority; Intuition and Turn your gaze within,. giving it a very hermit feel. The Second was the Star Ancestors card Keywords are, Hidden Secrets; lost wisdom and Look a little deeper.

Therefore, I delved a little deeper into the transgender issue using my story as an example: I am together with my higher self and spirit guides That I should come in as a male in the example I had been a female in many lifetimes before but this tiem try it as a male Thus I pick the time the place and the couple that o are creating a male zygote. Say I attach to the forming baby at about fifteen weeks when the brain has started to form. I find that I feel wired in the male body wo I go about making it female but the process move to fast to actual change my gender. So I am born as a baby boy with a soul that has had a lot of female incarnations should I try to change that or should I learn what I came into this life to learn?

I know for sure that my parent should not push that decision before five because kid up to that age are sponges they are taking in massive amount of data about their family and society at large. They should not be allowed to alter their brain chemistry until they gave a mature Human brain which scientifically does not happen until you are 24 however the age of majority is between 18 to 21 so at least until then
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