This Title is from The Starseed oracle deck the card is the Hathors an Egyptian goddess like the Earth Mother. Today is April 16, 2023 thus we have 27 or #9 The Hermit cad, asking us to retreat up the mountain of enlightenment to go within where we find our inner wisdom.

The Schumann Resonance Today Disclosure site showed us one amplitude power of 51 at 10:20 AM UTC. Thus we have the Empress an earth mother or divien female with grace and wisdom and a whole lot of creativity. The quality was at a power of 7.20, #9 the Hermit card for the inner wisdom again. The Frequency average was7.84 hertz, thus giving us # 19 the Sun card full of warmth love and abundance. All Together then we have The Lovers through their inner wisdom find the eternal sun within their partnership.
Space Weather news Showed what we hope was only a Class C CME coming straight at us we will feel it by tomorrow I believe! I say Class C because that is were the X ray flux was at. The Solar wind density was between three or four protons per second. The Solar wind speed was about 450 (KPS). Nine the Hermit again. The Solar wind Temperature was hot okay the signal is too chaotic to get a good read on it. The K index of geomagnetic activity was low 1.75 at its highest level .

We pulled two Starseed Oracle cards for this Sunday. They were the Double Amisson card where they gave the one given to all starseed hold your higher vibration as much as possible. The other purpose can be sort of sussed from your North node on your birth chart this indicates which direction you are going. you can also go to Beyond and take the Tarot numerology class though it might be a pay o for view video too. The second card was We the Hathors, Birthing a portal which all women do when they bring through a starseed into this world.
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