What a beautiful day I must say. The birds are singing and Ra/Bel /lugh or if you prefer Sol is beating down making every green thing grow.  I’m going to plant more seeds and pray for things to grow.  The sun is sending a proton wind that will make the sky’s north and south flare.  Galaxies wheel and merge out of chaos creativity flows.  With in my skull and yours a map of the universe is revealed.  May all be healed of that which holds them back from being their totality.  When I go within I can feel the connection and love of all.  A slow deep breathe  in through the nose a slow gentle release clearing out all. Letting the thought drift in and then out. Back again to breathe the steady in and out.  May Peace and Understanding come to all upon this ball we all call earth. Mother can you forgive us for being disconnected take us back to your bosom keep us safe and warm. Sky Fathers guide us to stars maybe farther challenge us to be our best encourage us to grow. 

Not too bad for mercury retrograde eh and how can it get any better  than this?