Lisa Transcendence Brown latest blog tells us to give up all our third dimensional thinking go quantum and start  creating the new Earth the fifth dimensional earth. fill it with the things that are for the highest good or from your higher self.

So now I will dream the world I want to see/ Where I live in a tree house. I have a replicator that produces what ever I need a new shirt  a cup of coffee,  a delicious meal. I still wake ever morning and do my meditation first thing then have a cup of coffee with some toast with peanut butter and honey I just do not have to go to a store to purchase such things. I might then practice on my guitar for the community jam session this coming weekend. I then log in to take my three hour sift monitoring  a Regional council meeting for a report I will make to the local governance committee we all take a stint doing something for the common good and we always work out any differences peacefully. We all have learned how to breathe properly our brain state rarely leases alpha waves when we concentrate it is in gamma waves not beta. We know when we have moved into beta that it is time to take a break and meditate.

The weather I really nice rarely getting below sixty degrees  and never over eighty it rains twice a day for about 30 minutes each time morning and night.  We have over unity electrical generation  which is started by solar powered windows in our homes. We all get together for house raising when a young couple decide to start a new life together. We truly act locally and think globally.  Everybody pitches in for big project and to help a neighbor when they need an extra pair of hands. Plus we have our passions so we might like making flutes or write poetry or essays. Art is created and is traded with other communities or worlds. We work for the common good and we follow our passion intuition and very active third eyes. We have ambassadors for the ETs the Fey and the elven folk some of us are responsible for working with the elementals to insure the marvelous wether tha we have. There is now pollution. We get around by either electro-gavietic or though portal or star gates.   There is no pavement  just trails for walks. We maintain spheres around our solar system to make sure we do not have any problems with three dimensional enmities. We have mission ships that give aid to such planets and we strive to assist them in their ascension process for we truly love everyone and want them to succeed too. Oh and we have study groups on how we can evolve further, for the six

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th dimension awaits us.