Divinity to be godlike right? How about unconditional love, compassion, balanced and being whole or complete. Inspired to be full of new or novel ideas.  Therefore to be divinely inspired should be something full of love compassion and balanced yet be novel full of spirit. 

I am loving I am kind I can be blind  yet in my mind I will always see the mystery. I have a soul that is vast and wide. I am spirit flesh and bone. My emotions can be quite strong. The energy that I have the most. Is the energy of love, of healing, In my heart I have the feeling of love unbounded, of passion overwhelming everything blocking it from its desire. This is how I have been inspired.

 It is hard to frame a poem these days I used to be able to put the paragraph to center and it would stay that way you may notice the above is centered but is not the way I would of hand written it.