Cell phone, smart phones, iphone X and wifi hotspots a growing mountain of evidence is amassing against these toxic electromagnetic microwave energy disrupting your cell wall and altering your DNA.  We put these phone to our head oblivious to the damage they could be doing to us.

In addition to messing up your body it can cause mind fog in the case of the new 5G towers I remember hearing of a bunch of firefighters having to fight to get one ot the towers removed from there fire house because of the mind fog it was causing. Oh and the cases of breast cancer tumors showing up o the breast of woman corresponding to where they placed the cell phones in their bras they had several examples of that. 

Then there is the social cost I remember gatherings where we would be gathered around the campfire and most of them had the damn phone in their face. I remember one ritual in which it happened that really blew me away. 

We need to put them down, use earbuds the kind with a cord that attaches to the phone not the bluetooth kind. It is a smaller transmitter but you are actually sticking it in your ear even closer to your brain.  We need to leave them at home when we go for  a walk like we did in the ancient past you now about thirty five years ago. When we only had land lines except for a couple of rich people with the satellite phone that were the size of a brick and almost as heavy. 

On a side note my previous post from the Emerald Dragon I want to clarify on the use of the term six month of activity I am not sure I heard it correctly. I am sure of the six but the month could have been something else  like weeks or years she has never given me a time period before. Especially considering she talked of the energies being responsible and we should be in a solar minimum by then. I feel she is correct about the saking. and whatnot. but not sure about the length of time.