How you can heal yourself, first you are a multidimensional being thus you have higher dimensional portions of you soul which resonates at a fifth sith possible al the way to the twelfth dimension. Therefore, you have some help from very high places ask for their aid you can rewrite your DNA or something as simple as open up the correct codon of your genes to express the correct protein to heal you.

You may not know how to do this and I am not saying I know it completely enough to do by myself but these higher aspects of myself know how and are willing to aid me in my own healing. You have this connection too.

I would recommend getting into a deep alpha state, using whatever meditation method you like. But from that Calm quiet place inside ask for the aid to heal whatever you want to change. This includes mental imbalances. Think about what this pain ill health gives you. it is important to be clear of blocks that will hold you back from the health you want.

You are multidimensional start acting like it get connected to it go within and find this larger part of yourself. It is time to level up step on through to the other side. This change should be embraced wholeheartedly and completely it will transform you.