Dear EFC I see that the schumann resonance is in a white out right now what do you have to say about that?

Schumann Resonance Today

We are happy to bring forth a message of love healing and we hope comphension. We know that adjusting to these energies can be difficult for many. We want you to know that we are here to aid you but we can not stop what has been ordained k

Yes we are saying there is a date when this event will be complted. for you have been within this event for over a year now or it will be a year come tthis March 21st of 2019 so in a way this is going to be your year and a day.

We a not saying this is a ad certain fo in the great moment of now it has already happened . From your perspective it may dag out for weeks months and even up to a =two years but rest assured it will happen for you . the collective has reached the critical mass to use a scientific term of your scientists . We know that some have predicted disaster in this event and we say to you that is not necessarily how it will go down for all . It is key on your vibration as to what you will experience. so we ask you to been light of heart buoyant in spirit and happy just to be. as this one has started to say. .

You will need to change or transmute your negative thoughts as soon as you see them cropo up. Things like fear, anger and envy should be only examined briefly enough to identify the lesson that is there and move back to happier thoughts or at least to the state of serenity which rhymes with unity another positive thought we can hold and it is very five D.

We will now say that music is another way to get your vibrations up something that gets you feet tapping out the rhythm or your hands moving. Indeed you are the composer of your own reality so conduct the music of your life with passion and joy be happy and grateful that you are here now.

Sincerely the Emerald Flame Council.